Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday. At least it’s the start of a short week. I hope it is for you, too. I know we could all use a little time off. Lately life has seemed just a lot more brutal and tiring.

I don’t usually talk about my real life online, but Friday I got my pink slip. My district, with the greatest regret, pink slipped about 230 of their 400 teachers. 48 teachers in the high school where I teach were pink slipped out of 106. And that doesn’t take into consideration the 50 or so teachers they are trying to push out into retirement with negative incentives.

So if I’ve seemed a little short or abrupt or not there at any point in my replies or anything, my apologies. Even though I’m in the top five to be recalled and no one seems worried about my job except me, and even though I’ve known for a while this was coming, I have been surprisingly cranky, and I’m not sure if that’s bled over into my online presence or not.

Either way, I’ll get my job back, or I’ll go back to school. I’ve wanted my Ph.D forever. Or I’ll write the novel this summer instead of curriculum. As my daughter would say, it’ll be fine.

But enough of the Monday gloom and doom. It’s award time. B. Miller and Shelley have given me the Prolific Blogger Award, so thank you very much to them. And Jen over at unedited has gifted me with the Supportive Commenter Award.

It’s my honor at this point to pass this award on to people that gift me with their heartfelt comments regularly. There are so many others that could be on this list, but a lot of them have already received this award. So here is my list. I appreciate you all more than you can know.

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Talli Roland
Tara at Feel of Something New

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  1. Hey, a PhD. isn't a bad thing to have. Neither is a book deal. My mother was a teacher for 35 years, and look what it did to her.

    Don't sweat the small stuff, your daughter is right. I know what's going on in your part of the world but if you can manage on your husband's salary for a little while... and if you know you're really going back, then why worry, unless you really don't want to go back. Do you?

    Congratulations on the awards, well deserved! And as for being cranky, hey, dealing with what you have been, you're allowed I think.

  2. I'm aghast at the idea of laying off teachers. I'm assuming you can collect unemployment, but that's not the point. Somewhere it was decided that there was too much spending going on in the government (be it local, state, or federal, depending on where you live) and it was decided that education was less important than things like road contruction. To me, education is the last thing that should ever be shaved for the simple reason there is already a lack of funding. My daughter's school cuts corners wherever possible, too, and it makes me wonder...where did our tax dollars go? Who is managing the priorities? I want to smack them.

  3. I'm sorry you are having to go through this. It's heartbreaking to think about what's going on with education right now. And I hate that it happened to you. I have this huge rant going inside my head (and every time I read about this happening), but I'll spare you [everyone] the 3 page comment soapbox, lol.

    Gosh, I hope I didn't add to any sad moods :(

    On to the award. You deserve that one, hands down! You, and your comments, rock. Thanks for passing it along to me :)

  4. That is an astronomical percentage of loss! It is appalling that teachers everywhere are getting laid off. I know we are in a major economic recession, but education/teachers are not the place to shave money.
    (ditto with libraries being closed)

    I'm so sorry. My heart aches for you.
    (incidentally, you've been your same, sweet, kind self in the blogosphere. Nary a short word.)
    I know this will sound trite right now, but I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps bigger and better things are in store for you. Lemonade/lemon stuff, you know?

    Congrats on your awards!
    And THANK YOU for gifting me with one. :o)

    (I am super behind with collecting awards right now, but I promise I will get to it and I am grateful. Especially grateful to have sweet bloggy friends like you.)


  5. So sorry to hear that. Education is looking dire here in GA, too, and I'm terrified to start the certification course that I've been planning on.

    I feel very strongly that things happen for a reason as well, so I'll be thinking of you as you figure out what steps you'll next be taking.

  6. Man, that sucks. But here's to making new plans (PhD and novel are both exciting!) I don't think anything negative has come through in your blog posts, but it would certainly be understandable. xx

  7. Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Good teachers should be immune to job insecurity, no matter what the economic climate. Your daughter is right though. Every single time in my life that a door has swung shut, an exciting and life-altering opportunity comes down the pipe. You already mentioned two here. The possibilities are endless. Here's to embracing them!

    I feel rather foolish to tell you I left you a little award this morning on my blog -- one that hopefully, on second thought, gives you a reason to smile today.

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  8. Thank you for the award and I'm sorry to hear about your pink slip! My band director got a pink slip every year, but he always came back in the fall. I'm not sure how they work, but I know it's not a final decision.

  9. Bleh! I am sorry to hear of this for you. Yes, write! And no, I did not see you bleeding online. But, it is okay of you do sometimes. Isn't a writer allowed to bleed on occasion?

  10. Ugh, sorry about the pink slip. :(
    But congratulations on your awards. :)

  11. As a fellow teacher, I send you my heartfelt sympathy. It is so disheartening....

  12. I'm so sorry about your job. But your daughter's right, it will be fine. You'll have some more time to get things done that you want to do. And if you're in the top five for recall, I don't see why you'd be "unemployed" for too long. Try to keep your chin up. :o) I'm thinking of you!

  13. i am so incredibly sorry to hear that.
    you really DON'T share much of your personal life on here, but THAT is a HUGE deal, and i can only imagine how it must feel.
    i know the saying "it's all part of a much bigger plan" don't feel very supportive when you're wondering what the heck you're going to do, but it seems like you've got some good ideas up your sleeves, and that you already know there are things to be accomplished in this down time (if that's what it can even be called).... this may very well be the time you need to accomplish many more wonderful things! =)

    I know you'll be just fine.... everything ALWAYS works out.... even when we just have no idea how it will, or how it does.... it just does.... =)

    you're in my prayers.

  14. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear about your pink slip. I think your reaction is completely normal. It WILL be OK, but that uncertainty is a bugger. Hang in there...

  15. I'm sorry to hear you've had the rug pulled out, but I hope this change will bring about great opportunity for you. I got laid off about a year and a half ago, and it was one of the best things that could've ever happened to me. Maybe it's time to shake things up! Regardless, you're in my thoughts. :)

  16. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your pink slip. That just plain sucks!

    However, a PhD would be super cool. Doctor Smythe has a very nice ring it it, non? :)

    Thanks so much for the award! And here's wishing you well for whatever you undertake in the future! You what they say about closing doors and opening windows!

  17. Ugh! I'm so, so sorry to hear about the job situation and stress it is bringing!! You're in my thoughts and prayers. (I'll spare you the pep talk, because I fear it would sound too much like Ryan in _Up in the Air_.)

    Oh, and thanks for the award. Back atcha--you've been amazingly supportive of me!

  18. Sorry to hear about the pink slip. I'm glad you're handling it so well. What an awesome thing -- to have time off to write! :) I say enjoy it while you can.

  19. That is *so* hard. Being laid off is so belittling, even if you know something else is lined up. It just makes you feel bad. Hugs!!!

  20. My wife's a teacher and she worries about the layoff deal every year althougth less so now that she's been working so long. It seems like each year they pass out pink slips, but then hire most of those back. I think they're up to something but I don't know what exactly.

    By the way:
    I’d like to invite you and your readers to join us in a blogging challenge for the month of April. Check it out at Blogging From A to Z

  21. Sorry to hear. However, something inside tells me that better things maybe waiting in the sidelines. Quite often as one door slams in your face, another opens. More often than not accompanied by a horrendous creak and the hinges dropping off but nevertheless.

    Perhaps with time on your hands to write, a book deal?

    All the best. Thinking of you x

  22. Wow, sorry to hear that. When I got laid off last year, it definitely opened up some positive time I wouldn't have otherwise been afforded, but I still recall the feelings of shock/anger/dismay I had in those the first few days.

  23. I'm so sorry to hear about the pink slip. It's always hard to know your job is coming to an end and you have to look for another one. It sucks! And I know it's easy for people to say "you'll be fine," though but until you're in that position yourself, you never know how it feels. :)

    I wish you luck! And congrats on your awards!!

  24. Hey, girl, I'm SO SORRY to hear about that. I agree that you are likely to be called back, without question. I know how dedicated you are to your profession and students.

    That being said...and I'm not one to believe in signs and wonders and such BUT...but maybe this is the nudge you need to get your true vocation--writing--to the forefront. Maybe the state did you a favor...

    A PhD isn't a bad idea either.

    And, no, I haven't noticed any crankiness in your blog or replies at all.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the awards as well.

  25. Oh, no! That sucks, and like many others have commented I'm disturbed about what is happening to teachers everywhere. Your daughter is wise, however. There will be new horizons to explore. You deserve your awards, not this stress.

  26. well~~ you know I'd tell you to write the novel this summer and THEN go get the phd in the fall, but I also realize that you've got kids #1- 4 to still consider and educate and help along the road to *Real* Adulthood (whatever the frell that means), so yeah~ I hope you'll get your job back, too~ if only to pay off some bills and go to your district admin-idiots.

    in the meantime~ day three of my spring break has brought shopping dinner and lunches out, *Alice in wonderville* and a day of cleaning, which will be followed tomorrow by another day of cleaning... i'm not as young as i used to be!!

    I am scheduled (what a pathetic word to use while on official break time) to have a 'Stare at the walls' day on Thursday~~ so I get to write fanfic or listen to lame ass music or not bother getting dressed or any other type of uselessness that day. Think of me fondly. i'm hoping i read your blog correctly and that you have friday off?

    will i see you in november?

    ttfn, susan

    p.s. I've made a pot of coffee each morning so far~ where I usually just drink a cup of tea. you should be suitably impressed.

  27. 300 followers. Wow. I just might faint.

  28. Thank you all for the lovely words of support. This is such an incredible community; you all rock. And I appreciate your hopes and thoughts for me more than you can ever imagine.

  29. Much as I'd love the dedicated writing time; I'd go nuts without my day job. I was out of work for two years at one point. Very depressing.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for your speedy return to your normal routine.


  30. I'm sorry this economy is lousy and it's affected you. I hope you get your job back soon. The fact that you have ideas of what you'll do if you don't get your job back is a positive sign. Keep us posted on what happens. I'll be hoping.