Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

It’s time for me to admit something. I am a slacker. I have a bunch of awards that I’ve graciously been given and I’ve just been collecting them and waiting for the right time to post. To those who’ve given me these, mea culpa, my bad, and I’m sorry. So here we go with the first of these.

Weeks ago, the lovely Anne over at Piedmont Writer gave me the Honest Scrap Award. I now have to tell you ten things that make me happy. Here goes.

1. My husband. Twenty-six years and he’s still the most important person in my life. Smart, charming, funny, and cute, I couldn’t have found a more perfect guy for me.
2. My kids. All four of them, who make me happy just by being who they are.
3. My writing. I am so grateful and humbled when the words come, when they say what I want them to say.
4. Reading. I love where words can take me. I love to read great writing that touches me, transforms me, transports me.
5. Sleeping. Enough said.
6. Diners. I love diners and coffee shops. I love the food, the atmosphere, the people.
7. Cooking. I love to cook. Clean up not so much. I love creating things my grandmother showed me how to make. I love making things my mother-in-law showed me how to make. And I love stepping outside my usual to try things from the Food Network which I watch way too much. I love Alton Brown, Giada, and Iron Chef.
8. Libraries. I love the books, I love the quiet, I love the wealth of knowledge and thought held inside its walls. I feel smarter just walking into a library.
9. Blogging. I love the blog universe, the people I’ve met her who have welcomed me so warmly and graciously and the words I’ve read and written here. This is truly a special place.
10. Naps. Now I’ve mentioned sleeping, but naps are different. I love to wake up early on a day I don’t have to and enjoy the luxury of taking a nap later on when I’m tired just because I can. Naps seriously rock.

Ok. That’s it for me. I’m supposed to pass this on. But it’s been around for a while now, and I don’t know who has won this award or who wants to win it. So if there is anyone out there who wants it, please take it and enjoy. As for the rest of my awards, well, to paraphrase Alton Brown, that’s another post.


  1. Congrats on the award:) I love naps too!

  2. I just got into cooking and I've found that I've been missing out. It really is fun and you get such a sense of accomplishment.

    Congrats on your award!

  3. Congrats!

    I don't know what it is about diners, but I love 'em too :)

  4. Those are some great things.

    Also, failure to pass on awards aside, I don't think you're a slacker.

  5. My mother was a librarian and I'm hooked as well. I should have made that my career choice, but alas, I'm just a starving writer.

    Let me ask you a question -- You are like the 8th person in the last week that has mentioned me as the "lovely" Anne or Piedmont Writer. I'm curious why people think I'm lovely. If you knew me in person you really wouldn't think so.

  6. Libraries and bookstores...the kind of places where you could stay forever :-)

  7. Congratulations, I too love naps and almost everything on your list...except your husband and your kids. Ha! But I'm sure I would love them if I knew a family way. ;)

    I was just in my favorite diner, Mickey's last night eating delicious pancakes and drinking coffee, one The Man and I's favorite spots.

  8. It appears we are very similar creatures :)


  9. Hi, everybody. Yay! for naps, diners, cooking, and libraries. Hee! I love that we all love similar things and that we could all get together one day in a diner and read and write to our heart's content. :)

    Hi, Anne. Why do I think of you as lovely? Your blog and your replies to me are so full of kind, generous, insightful words and your writing has a sense of comfort to it for me. You come across as a very warm, considerate person, the kind of person that conjures lovely in my mind.

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  11. Happy Monday to you as well!

    I like cafe's/coffee houses, does that count? (diner food is not for me)
    I don't nap. Cooking is an evil chore that takes me away from writing, reading, surfing, sunning, and eating. (I'm a good orderer of take-out, and husband is an awesome cook) BUT, all the rest, I am with you sista. So, can I still be in your club?

    Also, THANK YOU. You say such kind things to me in my comments section. I am honored, humbled and grateful.


  12. Thank you dearest, for your words. They are very high praise indeed and I will try and live up to their expectations.

  13. Hi, Lola. I love cafes/coffee houses, so they totally count. :) Of course you can still be in our club. And you are very welcome for the comments.

    Hi, Anne. No worries about living up to anything, you're already there. :)

  14. Diners rock. There's one here in Louisville called Barbara Lee's. It's just about my favorite place to go. That place makes me feel like I've time traveled.

    Naps are also excellent.

    Great list! The Honest Scrap is one of my favorite awards. :)

  15. Congrats on your award! I agree with Christine... naps are great!! I wish I got more of them.

  16. Hi, Amber. Thank you. I like this award, too. And diners and naps are two of the greatest inventions of western civilization. :) Put them together and they are the ultimate win.

    Hi, Kimberly. Thank you. I think everyone should take more naps. :)

  17. I love reading these insights! Thanks for sharing

  18. Sleep and naps...oh man! You're killing me today. ;) I am in dire need of both. Great list!

  19. Thanks, Megan. And Anissa? Thanks and sorry about that. We both need to get some sleep. :)