Sunday, February 7, 2010


PW over at Piedmont Writer gave me this award so a big thank you to her. Now I have to try and come up with one word answers. Here goes:

Your cell phone: rarely
Your hair: dyed
Your mother: dead
Your father: dead
Your favorite food: comfort
Your dream last night: none
Your favorite drink: tea
Your dream goal: writer
What room you are in: computer
Your hobby: writing
Your fear: success/failure
Where you see yourself in six years: older
Where you were last night: home
Something you aren't: vivacious
Muffins: yes
Wish list item: home office
Where did you grow up: Chicago
Last thing you did: make dinner
What are you wearing: sweats
Your tv: which one?
Your pets: none
Friends: real 12, online lots
Your life: exhausting
Your mood: down
Missing someone: not really
Vehicle: Pontiac
Something you aren't wearing: hat
Your favorite store: Pottery Barn
Your favorite color: black
When was the last time you laughed: hysterically?
Last time you cried: can’t remember
Your best friend: Jaime
One place you go over and over: my head
Facebooking: sometimes
Favorite place to eat: diners

And there you have it. My list. I have to pass this on so it goes to:

Eva at Writing Between the Lines because she likes shiny things. :)


  1. Uh-oh--good thing I undeleted my blog... ;-)

    and I do like shiny things. I do! I do!

  2. Undelete your blog? What's up? :(

    And I know you do like shiny things. :)

  3. Oh, you know. The pity party goes on.

    however, if you're up to it, I have the beginning of a present for you...I'll send it your way.

  4. Cool. I love presents. Beginnings and otherwise. :)